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Long Covid: Hidden lung damage spotted on scans

By Smitha Mundasad,
Health reporter,
Full article published on the BBC Website.

Some people with long Covid may have hidden damage to their lungs, a small pilot study in the UK suggests.

Scientists used a novel xenon gas scan method to pick up lung abnormalities not identified by routine scans.

They focused on 11 people who had not required hospital care when they first caught Covid but experienced long-lasting breathlessness after their initial infection.

A larger, more detailed study is under way to confirm the results.

The study’s co-chief investigator, Prof Fergus Gleeson, said: “There are now important questions to answer, such as, how many patients with long Covid will have abnormal scans, the significance of the abnormality we’ve detected, the cause of the abnormality, and its longer-term consequences.

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