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An epidemic waiting to happen

There is a growing awareness of the potential risks to workers exposed to dusts from some kitchen bench tops.  

Bronchial Thermoplasty Continues to Change Lives

BT has been endorsed by NICE In the UK. A major decision which will lead to significant benefit for patients with severe asthma. 

New Innovative Tech Could be a Game Changer for Patients

My Latest Media Piece on the Dreaded Chronic Cough

Should you get the flu shot?

IP Service Highlighted in The Age

Here is a nice article highlighting our cutting edge Interventional Pulmonology service at Epworth Eastern. We are also recruiting for a lung cancer screening study, as can be seen from the article. 

Talking Lifestyle Radio Segment

Nick will be talking about asthma this week, with Ed Phillips, on the Talking Lifestyle radio segment. Please pass on to any friends or relatives with asthma.

Now on Facebook

Melbourne Interventional Pulmonology is now on Facebook. Please visit our page for useful information on IP services and interesting media content, such as our previous appearance on Channel 9 news. Please like us and share with your contacts. 

Lung Cancer Treatments

Check out this recent great summary on the latest developments in lung cancer treatment, with multiple quotes from Nick Wilsmore who was interviewed for the piece. See our link to the Medical Republic in Useful Links to check it out.